doula baby"The first time we met Sutay, before even knowing she was a doula, my husband and I both knew we wanted her at our birth. Her presence was calming, confident and grounded, and we knew she was the kind of person we wanted to accompany us as our daughter came into the world. We're so glad we chose Sutay to share that most precious and intense day with us. She was so present throughout my labor. She stayed by my side for countless hours, and I felt like she knew what I needed without my having to say anything. Her energy melded seamlessly with my family, and she truly supported everyone there. And her presence helped me feel safe, soothed and taken care of. One thing that really stands out about Sutay was her desire and ability to help my husband help me. We both appreciated that so much. We truly felt Sutay's caring during visits before the birth, at the birth and in visits following the birth. I would recommend Sutay to anyone looking for support through this amazing journey." —Eliana

"Sutay is caring, compassionate, kind, and strong. She knows so much given her experience as a mother, a nurse, and as a human being. She is like a rock. Sutay was there for us before, during, and after the birth of our gorgeous baby girl. She supported us through everything; she listened and provided counsel as we needed it but she never impressed anything upon us; the choices I made were mine. The thing is, I can't imagine having made those choices without her by my side. I can't say enough how much Sutay's presence meant to me and my husband. I am forever thankful that I met her and that she was there for the birth of my baby. If and when I get pregnant again, I will call Sutay."  —Jean Marie

"My husband was not excited about the idea [of hiring a doula] at first. He felt it was a waste of money and that we could do it with the midwives and our family. After he met Sutay, he was singing a different tune completely! She worked with us for months before the birth to really get to know each of us as individuals as well as a family. I believe this, along with her natural intuition, allowed her to anticipate our needs during the birth, often times before we even knew we had the need." [READ THIS FULL TESTIMONIAL]

"My daughter's birth turned out to be extremely difficult, and it's not an exaggeration to say that I don't know how we would have gotten through it without Sutay. Her support before, during, and after the birth were vital. During our stay in the NICU afterwards, the nurses commented on how wonderful Sutay had been during my labor and what a great advocate she was." —Amy

doula"As our doula, Sutay did a wonderful job of supporting both my husband and me during my labor and delivery. Her presence was very calming and grounding, and her experience and knowledge in the field of pregnancy and childbirth was very comforting to me. I think every pregnant mama should seriously consider finding a doula to support them during their pregnancy, and especially during their labor and delivery. It's so important to have another support person, in addition to one's partner." —Amy D.

"My water broke only a few hours after my last pre-natal yoga class with Sutay who was also my doula. Thirty hours later, our beautiful son was born. Sutay was instrumental in our amazing birth experience. Although the labor was intense and long, I knew with Sutay and my husband, I could do anything. We were able to have an unmedicated birth and a healthy delivery. Sutay created a calm environment, knew exactly where to be when, and supported me and my husband. Her countless ideas and suggestions made our birth plan come true. She worked with the hospital staff ensuring that we were all on the same page. Being able to let go of the details and logistics allowed my husband to be truly present with me. We are so thankful and grateful for Sutay and cannot thank her enough! Her vast knowledge and calm spirit combine to make her a wonderful doula and person."  Tanner and Mommy



"Sutay's prenatal yoga class was truly the highlight of my pregnancy. Her gentle spirit, combined with her nursing background and life experiences of birthing around the world make her an excellent resource for expectant mothers wanting to connect with others through yoga. In addition to invaluable yoga and relaxation techniques, her classes provide a forum to connect with other mothers in sharing hopes, fears and questions in a supportive environment." —Nicole

"Sutay's prenatal yoga class helped prepare me with some moves to make my labor more comfortable and speedy. As a first-time mom, I didn't know what to expect during labor. At first, my contractions were pretty mild and didn't seem to progress-- we were going to have to induce soon. So I experimented with different yoga positions. My husband and I were both blown away with the effectiveness of *2* squats in jump starting the contractions! I don't know if squats could work like that for everyone-- but it was nice to have some tricks up my sleeve." —Sierra

"Hey Sutay, I actually went into labor the morning after my last yoga class with you. We were able to make it through without any interventions—the "keep up" exercises really helped me at the end with keeping the pushing going. I really enjoyed and appreciated the prenatal yoga classes with you, which helped me get ready for the birth." —Cynthia

"I looked forward to Sutay's prenatal yoga class all week. I knew as soon as I arrived that I would be surrounded with understanding, acceptance, and peace. Not only was the class a place where I could stretch my sore body and relieve some of the physical stress associated with carrying a baby; it was a place I felt safe sharing my innermost concerns about my pregnancy, delivery, and motherhood."

"Sutay's mom-baby yoga class was a fabulous way for me to bond, relax, and exercise with my baby. Not only did my baby love the special mom time, he loved dancing with me and joining in the yoga stretches. I also gained a lot of confidence in my parenting skills and it was just so nice to be with a community of moms who were going through the same ups and downs and anxiety that I was as a first time mom. Also, the gentle exercise helped me get back in shape and feel good about my body again." —Emily

"I tried several mom and baby yoga classes after my daughter was born (in June 2008).  Sutay's class was by far my favorite. She uses great asanas for moms, and thoughtfully gives an option for you to integrate the baby into every pose if you want.  I found it to not only be great exercise as I worked through my postpardum period, but also relaxing and wonderful bonding time with my little one. I would highly recommend Sutay's class to any mom's and babies!"  —Deanna and Malaya

"Sutay's (and Shanti's) positive energy and spirit are just what I need to get through a crazy week.  Her classes have inspired me and helped me to get back into shape after having my baby.  Thanks Sutay!"  —Mandy and Amelia

"Sutay's prenatal yoga classes let me maintain and increase my strength and flexibility, stretch, and just relax. I met other pregnant women, and learned useful information about female anatomy and the mechanics of labor and delivery, which helped me to feel more prepared and confident in my body's ability to give birth naturally." —Amy D.