Prenatal Yoga Series:

As your baby grows inside you, learn safe stretches and exercises to help your changing body adapt. You'll learn breathing, relaxation, and labor techniques as well as meditations to help you through pregnancy, labor, and delivery. This class is for women at any stage of pregnancy. No prior yoga experience is required. Taught by a Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor who is also a Registered Nurse. At Boulder Community Hospital Foothills Campus, Thursday evenings (please check the hospital website). Course dates and registration->


Private Instruction:

One-on-one prenatal yoga instruction by a registered nurse and certified yoga instructor, in your home or mine.


Parent & Baby Yoga:

mom baby yoga boulderStretch, relax and strengthen while your baby participates with you. You'll practice poses that encourage both you and your baby's natural flexibility and development. Learn gentle infant massage techniques and meet other new parents. Special support is provided for nursing mothers and you are welcome to feed your infant at any time during class. Taught by a certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor who is also a Registered Nurse. [Check with BCH for schedule.]


Infant Massage:

Learn the healing art of infant massage in a class for parents, caregivers and family members. Learn about the importance of touch and its benefits for caregiver and baby. If taken while you are pregnant, you can use one of our dolls to learn the techniques of stimulation (i.e. respiratory, circulatory, nervous, muscular and gastrointestinal) and relaxation. If taken with your baby, you will practice these techniques with eye-to-eye contact while bonding, communicating and having fun. You will learn how to adapt the massage techniques to your baby's play, digestion, gas, congestion, teething and developemental movement stages. Your instructor is Infant Massage Certified, and is also a Registered Nurse. Course Dates and Registration->


Other Classes I Teach:

For all of the following please continue to Boulder Community Hospital's childbirth and parenting course page. I teach the following:

Your Newborn: The Owner's Manual

Capable, Confident & Coping: Labor Techniques

Getting to Know Us (Introduction to BCH)

What Now? New Moms Group

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